Monday, September 25, 2006

Recipient of $207 Million NASA Contract Flakes Out

As reported on, Transterrestrial Musings, COTS Watch, and the SpaceDev Message Board, a teammate of one of the winning teams of the COTS contract has backed-out. I read a comment at COTS Watch that this doesn't mean much and that RpK will just find another partner soon. But doesn't this development invalidate their winning proposal? This would be good news for SpaceDev, but I think it's bad news for the COTS program as a whole. If only Bigelow, Lockheed, and SpaceDev (and partners) had submitted a proposal . . .

The SpaceDev message board is buzzing that the likely replacement for orbital is the United Space Alliance. Nothing against the United Space Alliance, but this is beginning to look like business as usual.
It seems the previous rumor was incorrect. RpK has teamed with Andrews Space.
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