Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Join a tech company.
Get rich.
Leave tech company.
Start a _______ company.

If you answered Very Light Jet, congratulations!

Air & Space magazine has an article about the next revolution in aviation. Although the Jetson-era portrayal of a world filled with air cars has not yet materialized, a number of companies are preparing for that day. Even NASA is helping to find the future with its Personal Air Vehicle Centennial Challenge.

Consider some of the goals of the Personal Air Vehicle challenge to frame the potential impact of the companies mentioned in the article:
According to the article, several of the entrepreneurs who have started very light jet companies are using modern engineering processes from the computer and software industry to challenge the status quo. Here are some of the companies:
I'll be watching Adam Aircraft most closely, since that company is part of the Dream Chaser team.

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