Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Space Tourism News Roundup

Space.com and MSNBC are reporting on a space tourism survey conducted by Incredible Adventures and Spaceport Associates. Good news for Benson Space -- a majority of the respondents prefer vertical takeoff.

Mr. Benson posted a comment in Cosmic Log detailing his intentions for the new venture ("BSC"). He hinted that the aim of BSC is to carry out the vision first conceived for SpaceDev: the commercial exploration of space.

Meanwhile, more celebrities are signing up for a ride with Virgin Galactic. The video at the Virgin Galactic site is quite a Hollywood production. Pretty impressive. Jim Cameron, Benson Space needs your endorsement, now! Actually, after reading this article from Wired, the thought of Jim Cameron becoming involved in a space company doesn't seem so far fetched.

"Dream Chaser, this is SS Titanic actual, you are clear to dock."

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